Bangles Are One Of My Favorite Accessories

If you look back into the history of mankind you will quickly see that we, as the human race, have been decorating our bodies with jewelry ever since we could fashion the elements around us into something beautiful.

Bangles are one of the items that women, and men, have worn since the dawn of mankind.  These are made from an abundance of materials ranging from simple wood all the way up to diamond encrusted 24K gold.

They are one of my favorite jewelry items to wear.

One culture does stand out for wearing many bangles, and that is the Indians.  Whenever an Indian girl gets married, or comes of age, and basically any highlight in her life, she will wear many, many brightly colored bangles.

As you can see from the video above, these very traditional bangles come in so many different styles it is impossible to run out of variations to wear.

No matter the occasion, this type of fashion jewelry will always be in style and you will always find them to fit what you are wearing and where you are going.

They are inexpensive to buy, like most fashion jewelry, and can be purchased online from places like and with no risk.

Go and get yourself a new set of fashion bangles today is my advice.

The Best Way To Shop For Your Fine Jewelry

Like most people, expect for the fabulously rich, most of my jewelry can be classed as fashion jewelry.  It is inexpensive and because of that I can have many different pieces.  This gives me the opportunity to change the jewelry I wear as my mood suits and have enough variations to match occasions and outfits.

But, like everyone, I like to have a selection of high quality, fine jewelry.  There is nothing quite like being able to wear a really beautiful ring, bracelet or necklace, made with the finest gold and diamonds, when attending a special occasion.

Fine jewelry contrasts from fashion jewelry in that it is made from precious metal, usually gold, and set with diamonds or other highly sought after gems such as sapphires.  Fashion jewelry, on the other hand, is typically made from silver and the stones used are typically man made, like cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystal, or man made semi-precious stones of color.

While these man made stones are very nice, and look very much like the real-deal (see the image below) they simply can not compare with how real diamonds sparkle and reflect the light.


The obvious problem with fine jewelry is that it costs significantly more than fashion jewelry.  This means that when we buy fine jewelry we had better spend our money wisely.  The best place to buy, I have found, is using a online jewelry store, especially during the big sales events that all stores have during holidays.

I know many people are worried about using these online stores and it can be a hassle returning items but I have found the prices they offer are usually less that from a typical high street retailer.

Jewelry has a very high markup – as much as 80% – when purchased from a store, but this can be significantly reduced when shopping online.  These online jewelry stores such as found click here reduce their prices (as they have less ongoing business costs) and the, during sales events, reduce them even more.  This is big savings on fine jewelry for us, the buyers.

I have also found that there is absolutely no risk in buying high priced items from these stores.  If you receive you item and it is not to your liking, or if there is something wrong with it, they will let you return for a full refund.

These stores are easy to find and, in today’s world where everyone likes to leave reviews, it is easy to find if they are reputable or not and give high levels of customer satisfaction.

All you need to do is shop around a little and you will find the deals out there from jewelers that primarily operate on the internet and give their customers great deals.

Doing this will save you a lot of money and allow you to own a much wider variety of the high quality, fine jewelry you crave.